Florian Ortkrass

Flo Ortkrass’ practice revolves around the creative conception of Random’s work — led with co-founder Hannes Koch — as well as its physical and functional implementation. His sustained interest in applied science and human cognitive development fuel the evolution of new works and studio culture.

Hannes Koch

Sharing Random’s artistic direction with fellow founder Florian Ortkrass, Koch’s focus is often on the formal aspects & surrounding context of projects, maintaining the studio’s creative autonomy. He works on the communication of their practice & the development of new pieces. His interests lie in the underlying principles of cognition & human behaviour, exploring their relation to the studio’s offerings.

Héloïse Reynolds

The context and implications of Random’s practice are central to Héloïse’s role within the studio. She enjoys taking a long perspective on the relationship between humankind and technology, expanding from her classicist background. An art historian and writer, she contributes to the conceptualisation, development, and delivery of Random’s work, overseeing all publications, interpretative material, programming, research, and archiving.


Dev Joshi

Devraj Joshi leads the creative teams on the design, implementation of technology and fabrication of Random’s work. Shortly after graduating from Brunel with a BSc in Product Design Engineering, he joined the studio in 2010. Interested in the interplay between people, machines, systems and cultures, Dev enjoys exploring how people perceive and process information

Jamie Tunnard

Taking a hands-on approach Jamie oversees the delivery, install & maintenance of Random’s work, in addition to developing the studio’s fabrication unit. Prior to joining Random in 2013, Jamie mined a rich seam of advanced design & fabrication, working closely with artists to deliver ambitious, large-scale projects.

Jessica Temple

With a creative background and practical approach, Jessie aligns the studio’s artistic direction with their operational strategy. She previously worked in exhibition production and project management, working with artists, galleries and fabricators. Jessie played an integral role in establishing fig-2’s 50 projects in 50 weeks hosted at ICA in association with Outset, before working on the programme as an assistant curator.

Luke Nairn

Luke oversees the studio’s ethos and processes, ensuring the efficient running of the studio’s activity and coordinating its physical space. As a practising artist with an interest in the presentation of the digital, he brings his understanding of artistic process and execution of concept to his role within Random International’s organisational team.

Joe Knowland

Joe Knowland maintains the bridge between the development and delivery of the studio’s work, and has immediate involvement in both processes. A veteran of Random International, Joe began working on the fabrication and install of Random’s work during his studies at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, before taking on a full-time position at the studio.

Audrey Gaulard

With a hybrid background in Fashion Design and Design Engineering, Audrey designed and developed wearable technology products for the music industry. Now working across the design, development and production of the studio’s large scale projects, Audrey allows her interests in aesthetic exploration, experimental design, and future technology influence the design and development of Random’s interactive projects.

Joe Wilkins

Joe Wilkins’s role is centred around the ‘brain’ of Random’s work, developing software, working on interfaces between physical & digital. A creative developer, he takes an analytical approach to projects and enjoys the challenge of devising new, interesting ways in which to present messages, ideas or concepts. With an attitude of curiosity, Joe collaborates with the studio on the realisation and maintenance of Random’s work.  

Esteban Schunemann

Esteban works on the technological development and implementation of the studio’s work. Joining the studio shortly after completing a PhD in additive manufacturing, he takes a methodical approach, actively deconstructing purpose and function to distill the composite of ideas into purer forms. Interested in all facets of technology and science, he explores how they can be implemented in new and unexpected applications.

Sarah Gilbert

With a background in accountancy for the construction, retail and manufacturing industries, Sarah provides the studio with financial administrative support. Exploring the application of her experience and knowledge within an artistic context, she helps the studio to achieve its objectives.

Shobhan Shah

Shobhan develops and supports the studio’s work, drawing on his past experience as a designer, developer, engineer, editor and ethnographer. He is interested in working across disciplines, media and contexts, and likes exploring something different on every project.

Ramin Shambayati

Ramin contributes to the design, production, and technical resolution of projects. His background in advanced architectural practices informs his interest in spatial experiences that foster collaboration and the unexpected. He is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the precision of machines with the fluidity of human nature, creating work that questions our technological society.

John Bertolaso

Following a degree in mechanical engineering, John joined the RCA to expand his technical background in creative contexts. John works on the mechanical design and development of Random’s projects, taking a hands-on experimental approach. His interests lie in the exploration of multi-sensorial experiences and interactions on the fringes of physical and digital platforms.

Nikos Chandolias

Part of Random International’s technology group since 2017, Nikos is a passionate maker and experimenter. Prior to joining the studio, he collaborated with artists, designers, and choreographers on the creation of electronic environments. In researching and developing software and hardware, Nikos explores and challenges the boundaries between technology, art and performance spaces.

Sean Hammett

After completing a dual-degree master’s programme in design at the RCA and Imperial College, Sean joined Random International. With a hands-on background in mechanical engineering and in his own sculpture practice, Sean contributes to the mechanical and material design of the studio’s new work. He is particularly interested in the future implications of Random’s work in technology and interaction design.

Federico Ciuffa

With a background in civil engineering and construction, Federico guides and propels the execution and integration of Random’s large scale projects at sites across the globe. He excels at ensuring a smooth execution of ambitious multi-disciplinary projects.

Kirsten Bergman

Joining Random in 2018, shortly after completing a BA in fine art and art history, Kirsten assists in the day to day running of the studio; providing internal organisational support. Kirsten’s interest in engineering and architectural history, combined with her background in contemporary sculpture, informs her understanding of Random’s practice, philosophy and influences.

Stuart Wood

From 2005 to 2015, Stuart Wood co-led the direction of Random International alongside studio founders Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch.